About the Course

view of the clubhouse at Sky Ranch Golf Club

An Oasis on the Plains

Sky Ranch Golf Course is located on an oasis of 155 acres just west of Sterling, CO and features mature landscaping, rolling hills, with water coming into play on 9 out of 18 holes, and challenging greens for the experienced golfer. Our signature hole features a blind tee shot and a 30 ft. periscope for golfer safety, the second shot requires a skillful chip or iron shot over a water feature for a very challenging par 4. Sky Ranch Golf Course features 6,436 yards of challenging golf where par for the course is 72. 

The courses signature tournament is the annual Labor Day Tournament hosting over 150 golfers for a unique two-day stroke play competition filled with a weekends worth of entertainment and activities to go along with the tournament.

Course Layout

USGA rules apply except as modified by local rules:
Out-Of-Bounds — All fences surrounding the course and white stakes on Holes No. 10, 11, 14, and 18.

Replace divots

Repair ball marks on greens

Allow faster players to play through

Keep all carts & pull carts at least 20 feet from tees & greens

course map


Men 413/404 Par 4, Ladies 396 Par 5

Welcome to Sky Ranch Golf Course, starting out on one of the longest par 4’s on the course. This is a straight away hole to a challenging green that slopes from back-to-front.


Men 314/300 Par 4, Ladies 287 Par 4

You have arrived at the first of 7 holes that features a water ditch that you will have to safely maneuver. The smart play from the white tees is to hit a club around 180 to 190 yards lay-up from the water crossing the fairway. For the big hitters it is about 250 yard carry the ditch. The green is protected by a large sand bunker on the right side that you will need to avoid on the approach.


Men 326/317 Par 4, Ladies 308 Par 4

This is a straight hole with a blind landing area and a narrow fairway. The second shot is played to the smallest green on the course. Any ball the misses the green will roll off into a small valley surrounding the green to make the up & down a little harder.


Men 388/379 Par 4, Ladies 370 Par 4

An uphill dog-leg right, favor the middle to left side of the fairway to have the best angle to the green for the second shot. This is a narrow but long green, make sure to get the ball to the hole.


Men 204/192 Par 3, Ladies 162 Par 3

A challenging 204 yard par 3 will have you hitting into a large three-tiered green, so keep the ball on the correct tier to avoid a three-putt. Missing the green right will give you a hard uphill chip shot, favor the left side of the green as the large hill may kick your ball close to the hole.


Men 514/478 Par 5, Ladies 426 Par 5

This 514 yard par 5 is a dog-leg left. A good drive that reaches the top of the hill has a great chance to reach the green in two. The shorter hitter will have to play this as a three-shot hole. On the drive, favor the left side of the fairway as the ball will roll to the right as the fairway slopes left to right.

Going left is on the approach can be catastrophic, as you might find yourself in a ravine course members have nicknamed “Jaws.” Please Note: If you are laying up, please drive to the top of the hill to ensure the group in front is gone as well as to give you a good line of play.


Men 323/313 Par 4, Ladies 302 Par 4

One of the signature holes on the course, this 323 yard par 4 has a 30 foot periscope off the tee, so take a peek to see if the group in front is clear of this blind tee shot. The best play is hitting your 180-190 club straight or slice right-to-left shot to get the ball in the fairway. Too far right and you may be blocked by a tall tree to the green. The green is just passed the water, so long is better than short on your second shot.


Men 161/152 Par 3, Ladies 143 Par 3

This classic 161 yard uphill par 3 tends to play about a half-club up. You must avoid the bunkers on the left and right for an easy par.


Men 498/485 Par 5, Ladies 410 Par 5

This 498 yard par 5 features a tee shot over the water. The green is reachable in two for the bigger hitters if you can avoid the fairway bunkers. For the players going for the green in two, you must also look out for two green side bunkers. It’s a narrow path to get on in two, but it can be done.


Men 425/383 Par 4, Ladies 375 Par 4

Please use the stand next to the white tees to look over the hill to see if the group in front is gone. This is a straight away hole, but the tee boxes point you to the right rough, so aim a little left. A bunker to the right side of the green must be avoided.


Men 350/320 Par 4, Ladies 251 Par 4

Use the straightest club in your bag to hit thought a narrow gap in the trees. Length is not big factor on this hole as it is one of the shorter par 4’s on the course. On your second shot, make sure you get your ball on the right level of this two-tiered green for a chance at birdie.


Men 207/153 Par 3, Ladies 131 Par 3

Another signature hole on the course, this 207 yard par 3 can be one of the more challenging holes if your tee shot is not straight, due to large bunkers right and left of the green. Another key to the hole is finding the right distance with your approach to this large, two-tiered green. This is a beast of a hole from the back tees, missing the green short is better than right or left. Have Fun.


Men 526/506 Par 5, Ladies 424 Par 5

Hole number 13 at Sky Ranch has the status as being the hardest hole on the course. This 526 yard par 5 is a dog-leg left and uphill after an elevated tee shot. A well placed right-to-left tee shot will give you a good chance to get over the water in two. The water feature is hard to see on your second shot but it is 120 yards from the green. If you are not sure you can carry, lay up to 150-yard marker and go for the green in three.


Men 357/347 Par 4, Ladies 287 Par 4

This 357 yard par 4 is a dog-leg right hole with an in course out-of-bounds down the right rough starting at the tee box. The best play is to hit 3-wood or hybrid off the tee to get the ball in the fairway through a tight gap between trees. The green slopes from right-to-left, so hit your second shot left of the pin to have an uphill putt.


Men 349/340 Par 4, Ladies 331 Par 4

The best way to play this sharp dog-leg left hole is hit the club that is 190-200 yards off the tee to the corner of the dog-leg, then play 140-150 yard shot to the green. For the big hitters who may try to hit over the trees, hit it well because there are more trees than you think.


Men 534/521 Par 5, Ladies 437 Par 5

A row of trees on the left and right of the fairway make this 534 yard par 5 a challenging yet inviting hole. Keep your tee shot straight avoid a second shot amongst the timbers. The fairway slopes left-to-right on the second shot layup.


Men 165/154 Par 3, Ladies 144 Par 3

Check the wind on this 165 yard uphill par 3. It can play about one club longer off the tee depending on what direction the breeze is blowing. The green is long and slopes from back to front so staying below the hole is key.


Men 382/371 Par 4, Ladies 359 Par 4

The iconic finishing hole at Sky Ranch is a dramatic dog-leg right featuring nearly 180 ft of elevation change throughout the hole. The 150 yard markers are right at the corner of the dog-leg, so choose your line of play well. Keep your shot to the green below the hole to give you the best chance to make birdie. The green slopes dramatically back-to-front.